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Beach holidays


There are no words to describe our beach holidays, we can only say that there is no match to those magnificent places on earth that we offer, under a beautiful blue sky, the beautiful see breeze, the coral reefs, the call of the doves and the icing sugar sand, we call it paradise.


Chill on a white sandy beach, take part to a spice tour, learn about the architecture and history of Bagamoyo and Stone Town, visit the prison island, tour on Mbudya coral island, swim with the dolphins, learn Swahili cooking, listen and dance to Taarab  or wazaramo tunes, or sample delicious ginger crab directly from the shell at the restaurant!

Dar Es Salaam

 Dar es Salaam is the largest city and the economic capital of Tanzania, with most of life revolving around the harbor, with the business district fanning out into a rabbit warren of crowded streets both people and traffic. Located in a quiet bay off the Indian Ocean coast, the city has grown in economic importance to become a prosperous center of the entire East African region. Generally people stay there for a couple of days either upon arrival or before departure.


The perfect place to relax is one of the world's most beautiful islands; Zanzibar. Zanzibar has the fascinating World Heritage site; historical Stone Town, and magnificent beaches which are one of the best beaches in the world!


Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous part of Tanzania. The island is easy to access from Dar es Salaam either by boat or by a short flight almost straight to Stone Town.  


Pangani is a town in northeast Tanzania that lies 45 km south of Tanga, at the mouth of the Pangani River. The name "Pangani is named after the river which ends up in this small town. The River Pangani is being fed by the mountains Meru, Kilimanjaro and Usambara, and ends up in the Indian Ocean. 

Mafia Island

The Island is accessible easily by a 30 minutes charter flight from Dar es Salaam.


Mafia Island is located in the magnificent southern circuit of Tanzania and Zanzibar and is part of a fascinating array of parks, wildlife reserves and Indian Ocean islands.

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