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Dar es Salaam


Dar es Salaam is the largest city and the economic capital of Tanzania, with most of life revolving around the harbor, with the business district fanning out into a rabbit warren of crowded streets both people and traffic. Located in a quiet bay off the Indian Ocean coast, the city has grown in economic importance to become a prosperous center of the entire East African region. Generally people stay there for a couple of days either upon arrival or before departure.


It is very possible to escape the heat and humidity of the city to several close-by-beaches. The city offers spectacular dining with an abundance of different classes of restaurants and local eateries for those who want to experience the true culinary delights of this busy Tanzania hub.



Dar es Salaam international airport. Scheduled flights connectionto all National Parks as well as connection to the famous Mount Kilimanjaro and her sister Mount Meru. Visit the Mbudya coral highland by a private boat. City center hotels, beach side hotels and apartments, botanical gardens, National Museum, antique tribal artifacts and some fascinating World War memorials. The busy fish market and cultural wood market, you might to enjoy the nightlife in some the night clubs in the city, connections to Zanzibar by ferry or flight.



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