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Mafia Island


The major tourist activities are scuba diving, big game fishing, snorkeling, icing sugar sandy beaches and offshore excursions. Mafia is a paradise for fishermen, divers and water sport lovers. The waters are unsurpassed in beauty, and there are fantastic views of the virgin coral reefs. With its fine sandy beaches, swaying palms and lush vegetation, Mafia is the ideal spot to relax and unwind after a great African safari with Zuri Tours & Safaris. Chole Bay and its surrounding forests and islands are now within the protected Mafia Island Marine Park, supported with assistance from the World Wide Fund for Nature.


The reefs offer a range of corals and fish like no other in the Indian Ocean, and diving and snorkeling sites are just a short boat ride away.



Isolated islets and beaches, lagoons, coves and channels provide many private swimming and picnicking hideaways. Chole Bay is perfect for windsurfing and laser sailing. Bird-watching is excellent and very different to the mainland parks that guests may have visited. The tidal flats and mangroves are always alive with coastal and sea birds and there are many colorful woodland and forest species. There are also roosts of the unusual and fascinating giant Madagascan fruit bat to see on nearby Chole Island.



While in Mafia it also is worth much to visit Jibondo Island to watch the hand-made fabrication of the dhows, enormous wooden boats.


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