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Tiimimme koostuu paikallisista tansanialaisista, joilla on monen vuoden kokemus Tansanialaisesta matkailuyrittämisestä. Meillä on ensikäden tietoa maan kiehtovasta kulttuurista ja tiedämme parhaat paikat aidolle afrikkalaiselle safarille. Asiakkaidemme turvallisuus ja tyytyväisyys ovat meille aina etusijalla.


Kaikki safarioppaamme ovat sertifioituja retkioppaita. He tuntevat kansallispuistot kuin omat taskunsa ja osaavat johdattaa asiakkaat kaikkina eri vuodenaikoina sinne, missä eläimet ovat.


Koko Zuri Tours & Safaris -tiimi sitoutuu suojelemaan sekä eläimiä että kasvustoa Tansanian koskemattomilla luonnonalueilla. Uskomme vahvasti voivamme muuttaa yhteiskunnan, ja sitä kautta koko maailman, ajatustapoja suojelemalla näitä alueita sekä paikallisia yhteisöjä. Haluamme jakaa nämä luonnonalueet kaikkien kanssa. Samalla haluamme auttaa turvaamaan Tansanian henkeäsalpaavan luonnon suojelemisen myös tulevaisuudessa.


Zuri Tours & Safaris esiteltynä

Meet the staff



As a native Tanzanian, I've always had passion for tourism. I am fascinated by foreign countries and their cultures; my whole life, education, traveling and jobs have all related to tourism and I have been involved in almost every aspect of the industry. This lifetime experience is also crucial to why Zuri Tours and Safaris has been doing so great in the business.


I love to get in touch with new people and unknown cultures because that’s the only way to really broaden one’s mind; by sharing experiences and motives. Having been to different places in Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar Island has broadened my perspective of our amazing country and made me understand the importance of travel nowadays, and thus the importance of tourism to satisfy this longing for exploring the world.


Excellent customer service and high product quality are very important in the travel business: "This is what we promise our valuable Clients every single day!” We have well trained employees; they know how to handle a request on a satisfactory level.



Emmanuel - The owner and Managing director

I think it is in people's blood to be interested in something new and therefore to travel. I really believe that helping people, providing them with good customer service and making them feel better in general helps you on all levels: first it will make you happier and second it will bring business and strong reputation to you. That's my philosophy.



Godlove Urassa - Safari driver and guide

"My name is Godlove and I am a licensed tour guide based in Tanzania. I’ve been working with people from different countries for the last 12 years. I speak fluently English, Swahili and Chagga my native language. Working as a tourist guide has always been my passion. I wanted to keep up with my family tradition which begun with my grandfather.


I believe holidays are one of the precious time periods in life to escape from the stress of day-to-day life. That is why planning for a holiday should be an enjoyable experience, not one that you become tiring for you. Make your dream holidays come true with Zuri Tours and Safaris. It is my privilege to share with you what I've come to love and respect for over many years.


Tanzania offers you so many options that you will never ever get bored! And if there is something you have seen or read about in a 

travel book or internet that has attracted your attention and we may have not included in our website, ask us and we will be happy to get you there!"

Asha - Safari guide and driver


"My name is Asha Abdul and I was born in Arusha, Tanzania. I graduated at Tumaini university, Iringa University College with Bachelor of Art in Community Development in October 2013.


Besides attending classes in the University, I took courses in Tourism and Hospitality, French and Computer studies at Arusha International College of Tourism. I am hard working and very determined. I enjoy working with other people, keeping myself busy and putting extra effort in my tasks. I am reliable and strive to always keep a positive attitude!


There came a point in my life where I wanted to investigate and work in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry. Tourism is 

an industry that enables me to learn and interact with people from a wide varietyof cultures and lifestyles around the world. I have always loved traveling, meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds. I also wanted to learn more about why destinations choose to promote themselves the way they do, and now I feel so proud when my dreams have come true; I can share the experience and describe the real beauty of my country to people around the world!


In tourism we believe that “Experience is a renewable resource” if we do it right, we can provide experiences to guests, and each one will perceive that experience in a different and personal way—day after day, and year after year, on the same piece of ground.”

Alpha Kilawila - Tour guide and driver

"My name is Alpha Kilawila, I grew up surrounded by a guide family and nowadays I am a licensed tour guide. Working as a guide is my inspiration and tourism has given me an intimate knowledge in delivering quality service to the clients and to ensure maximum hospitality. I recently complete my studies in Bachelor of Arts in Cultural anthropology and tourism.


I speak fluent English and Swahili, in addition I also know a little bit of German. I love to meet new people from all around the world and enjoy exploring new things every day. I am very happy to work as a guide in Zuri Tour and Safaris; to share my knowledge with the clients and thus make our clients to have the time of their lives!"

Iddy - Cook

"I've been working in the wildlife kitchen for many years. I've been cooking since I was a kid and I've always loved food.


I believe cooking is not a profession; it is a Passion. Being a Chef is like being in love, all very important... But this passion we give all our time, love and dedication.


I love cooking to people something they enjoy. Something they "wow" at. To me, the joy of cooking and the smiles on happy faces of our esteemed clients when they liked my food made it all worthwhile. I feel happiest when making people happy.

And Zuri Tours and Safaris is leading by an example."

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